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Double Auditions

Double Auditions
Double Auditions Triga Films
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Double Auditions is a fine Triga double bill, containing two of Triga's best ever wide-boy releases packed together in one great value offering. Auditions: Rough As F'UK is a fucking treat! Harry the builder, Anthony the white van man, Bret the army boxer, Richard the bus driver, Darren the scaffolder, Gino the car mechanic, and Luke the barman are just a selection of fourteen fit British lads who came to see Triga recently with a singular aim of getting into one of their forthcoming releases! The lads are a right proper bunch of British working class blokes with one eye on the camera and one on their manhood. The cameraman certainly got more than he bargained for on some of the shoots - and so did some of the straight blokes who reckon they've never had their cocks sucked by another bloke before. Like we've never heard that old chestnut before! Auditions: Skins & Scallies features a wide-boy bunch of fit British scallys who come to audition from far and wide - all in search of doing some filthy film work for Triga. As you will see, some of these dirty boys are willing to go that extra mile, and with thirteen fit lads, Auditions: Skins & Scallies is exactly what is says on the box! Double Auditions is nearly four hours of fit blokes doing the dirty - it's tough, it's rough, and it's hardcore. You'll love it!