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Daddy Darby's Punished Twinks 2

Daddy Darby's Punished Twinks 2
Daddy Darby's Punished Twinks 2 Daddy Darby
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Daddy Darby returns to dole out more harsh punishment in Daddy Darby's Punished Twinks 2. Max Duval and Tony Andrews are dressed only in pants with eyes blindfolded and hands shackled behind their backs. Daddy starts with Max and stretches his mouth with his fingers before bending him over to slap and whip his exposed arse. Twink Tony receives the same punishment as Daddy kisses Tony full on the lips and attaches spiteful clamps to both guy's nipples - which he tugs on, making both guys cry out in pain. He forces Max to his knees to suck on Tony's cock, then, with the handcuffs off both boys, Daddy makes Tony rim Max's arse and suck his cock whilst Max plays with Daddy's man-boobs. Cute James is in for some skin tingling pain as Daddy clamps his tongue and then his nipples with surgical scissors. Daddy uses James' stomach as a punch bag before covering his mouth and nose with his massive hands, making James gasp for air. James' back and pretty butt cheeks are turned a rosy red as Daddy whips him before using a spiked pastry wheel to inflict more pain on this vulnerable young twink. Tony and Max are knelt butt to butt as Daddy inserts a double ended dildo into both of the young guys' backsides. The two lads back up onto the dildo as Daddy ties their legs together, and he then makes Max suck on his nipples as he thrashes him with a rope, then encourages them to bounce on the dildo. Tony is ordered to lie on the bed and Daddy gets him to suck his fat cock before ordering Max back on the table to fuck Tony whilst he has his mouth full. After humiliating both boys, Daddy spreads himself on the table and lets the two twinks pleasure him as he barks his orders. Finally, James is led into the room on all fours like a dog with a collar and leash. He becomes a living poffe as Daddy rests his feet on the naked boy, then James is instructed to massage and suck on Daddy's fingers. Releasing Daddy's fat cock, James sucks greedily on it as his head is held down. Letting him up for air, Daddy allows James to pull on his own pudding before resuming his mouth action on Daddy. Daddy Darby's Punished Twinks 2 is nearly two hours of Daddy's speciality - pain and humiliation. Cast: Daddy Darby, Max Duval, Tony Andrews, James Allen