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Coverboys Bel Ami
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Bel Ami is famous for its beautiful young models - and for good reason. Two of the most famous are Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston and Coverboys follows several scenes that they appear in. There's no plotline per se, but there's some footage that was supposed to appear in Lukas in Love, which was shot in Greece. Paulik tells Sebastian Bonnet that he can make him famous by allowing him to fuck him on camera. Bonnet obliges, which is the lead-in to their fine sex scene that has Bonnet bending his beautiful butt over for Paulik's pretty pole. A heated oral orgy with Ridgeston and a variety of Bel Ami models is so heated it gained a nomination for Best Oral Scene. The next scene is the best and is nominated for Best Sex Scene. Paulik sets his sights on cherub-faced Tim Hamilton and takes him on a bed. He fucks the living daylights out of the young man in a variety of terrific positions. There's great chemistry and great camerawork. Equally hot is the next scene with Ridgeston and beautiful Claude Cocteau. Ridgeston puts the adorable youth through his paces before he fucks him fast and furious on a chair. Ridgeston follows that up with a fine simultaneous jack off encounter with Max Orloff (where copious streams of cum fly), who later goes off to fuck Oleg Vronski against a rock. The final Greece encounter is with Ridgeston and beautiful Jason Paradis (who is the "love of his life" in this Dvd). It's another fine scene that has Ridgeston fucking Paradis and shooting his standard huge cumshot. The final scene in the movie (and it's a bonus scene) has Paulik and Ridgeston tag-teaming a lucky Adam Cartier both getting the opportunity to fuck Cartier with first their signature dildos and then their meaty uncut cocks. Coverboys is just scene after scene of hot guys fucking around and when the boys are Bel Ami boys, who cares about playing by the rules? Cast: Johan Paulik, Lukas Ridgeston, Sebastian Bonnet, Claude Cocteau, Max Orloff, Jason Paradis, Adam Cartier, Others