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Coming Together

Coming Together
Coming Together Falcon Mustang
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This is the Director's Cut of Coming Together with a never before released on dvd fisting scene! Very good photography of extremely tight close-ups of pink raisins makes Coming Together a keeper for hole lovers. Chi Chi was just starting to hit his stride when he made this one. Forget the handshake, how about a fist between friends to strike the final blow? Shawn Justin and Dillon Reid wrestle around sucking and fucking, even playing with a couple of dildos, before the big takedown where Dillon plays the puppet master who makes Shawn dance a jig at the end of his gloved fist. Alex Carrington and Sonny Listz come together to play poolside on a scorching afternoon. Sonny is anxious to lap up Alex's stiff cock before surrendering his pinched asshole for a no-holds-barred pumping that leaves both studs totally wiped out. There's no way Eric Evans could ever pass on getting together with handsome sex-stud Brock Hunter. And Eric's no slouch either as this hirsute pair press their sweaty bodies together igniting some of the fiercest suck-n-fuck action ever. Jack Dillon, Shawn Justin, Sal Antonio and Dillon Reid celebrate their Kumbaya moment locked in each other's warm embrace. Their circle of intimacy becomes a four-man buffet of non-stop sucking and fucking that has them all feeling the love. Coming Together is a no-holes-barred action dvd, featuring muscled hairy chests and kinky undertones that will have you glued from start to finish. Cast: Shawn Hustin, Alex Carrington, Brock Hunter, Dillon Reid, Eric Evans, Jack Dillon, Sal Antonio, Sonny Liszt