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British Underwear Party Double Feature 1

British Underwear Party Double Feature 1
British Underwear Party Double Feature Rentboy UK
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Four hours of fun and fumblings in this British Underwear Party double feature containing British Underwear Party 1 and 2. Sixteen Brit schoolboys arouse passion with their lithe bodies, tight briefs and bulging boxers! These lads satisfy their urgings for all things hard and tight as twenty two creamy underwear inspired orgasms sees them smiling and satisfied! British Underwear Party 1 invites you on a bareback field trip with a bunch of horny English school lads. The boys are sat around a table in their school uniforms when Paul admits to student teacher Will that he has lost his school tie. After the rest of the lads have left the table Will decides to teach Paul a lesson - by burying his meat deep inside Will's arsehole. Timmy and Scott are sat on the sofa in their white shirts and school ties kissing and fondling. Scott gets his ring-piece lubed by Timmy's probing tongue then, taking Timmy's tool, he grips onto it like a vice and takes it long and deep until they both release their creamy boy juice. Cute as fuck Damian is having a slash in the bathroom when his mate runs in desperate to relieve his bladder. Unfortunately Sean can't hold it in and pisses himself completely soaking his underpants! Back in their bedroom Damian agrees to keep the incident quiet - if Sean has sex with him. CJ and Paul have gone swimming in their underwear. When they get out, the shape of their hardening cocks is evident through the wet material. Overcome with passion they dive in for a passionate snog and pretty soon a bare cock is disappearing inside a warm and welcoming arsehole. Another round of twink underwear fun in British Underwear Party 2. Sean goes to the toilet to pee and, instead of whipping his cock out to unload, he simply drops his trousers and pisses through his grey boxers. Wiping himself down, he dons a clean pair and goes out to join Kyle and Lex. Sitting on the sofa, they play with each other's cocks through their pants before Kyle is bent over the sofa and tagged, with each guy going deep! Kris Denver takes a trip to the loo and pisses a golden stream into the bowl. Rejoining Damian, the two wank before Damian leans over and sucks Kris's cock through his blue pants, making them wet with saliva before freeing the hard cock and sucking on it. The two lads then 69 before Damian, with pants still on, fucks Kris up his tight back door in a variety of positions. A twink duet of Scott and Andy sees them kissing on the sofa and discarding their trousers so they can wank each other through white briefs. Andy moves down to lick Scott's cock through his pants, running his tongue up and down the shaft, before releasing Scott's boner through the fly and sucking deeply on it. Andy pulls Scott's pants down and parts his tight butt cheeks with his rigid cock before the two swap and Scott fucks Andy. British Underwear Party Double Feature is sure to please lovers of young twinks, school uniforms and underwear fetishists everywhere. Cast: Timmy Slater, Will Forbes, Damian Duke, Sean Deacon, Scott Davies, CJ Jacks, Paul Shayne, Lex Blond, Kyle Martin, Kris Denver, Jake Smith, Scott Davies, Andy O'Neill, Nico James