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Boy Watch 4

Boy Watch 4
Boy Watch 4 Bel Ami
English Subtitles
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The successful Bel Ami audition series continues with another look at 30 aspiring porn talents who jack for the camera. Twenty of the sequences in Boy Watch 4 are shorter clips taken from Bel Ami's online Casting Couch - but ten lads were seen as extra special and asked to do an interview-and-stroke section for director Marty Stevens (and helper Sebastian Bonnet). These ten segments lead the show, and each opens with various facts (favorite foods range from fried cheese to schnitzel) followed by brief question-and-answer sessions that touch upon hobbies and sexual experiences. Some of these fellas appear more nervous than others, while one even comes across as annoyed and close-to-angry. It's a good mix, and all of these smoothies are sure to please. David, a dark-haired heartbreaker with a killer smile, starts things off well, while Martin (the first of four Martins) appears honest and natural, coming across very real during his interview. Petr 1 has dimples, piercing eyes, and a sweet dick, while Petr 2 inadvertently comes in his own mouth with a monster shot in the eighth segment, his teeth and lips covered in cum. Josef also shoots a nice load, while Sven is a sweetheart ("It takes time to know another person and know what turns them on... but once I figure it out, I go for it."). The stroking is sit-and-jack stuff, but with so much young hard dick to go around, who cares? Cast: David, Martin, Petr, Martin, Martin, Jirka, Jimmy, Petr, Josef, Sven, Branislav, Jiri, Richard, Josef, Radim, Jiri, Szabo, Martin, Stepan, Adam, Riga, Igor, Miroslav, Tomas, Zoltan, Petr, Jan, Jiri, Marek, Alex