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Black Monsters

Black Monsters
Black Monsters Big Boy
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Rumour has it that all black guys are hung like donkeys and that once you've had a taste of black cock you'll never want anything else! Well, the white boys in Black Monsters are going to find out if the rumours are true as they find themselves face to cock with some ebony monsters. Watch as the likes of Hector Agusti and Gareth Grant use their oversized cocks to break in the tiny holes of slender white boys like Noah Matous and Ethan White whilst greedy Kris Blent takes it one step further and gets himself a hot spit-roasting! These pale bottom boys can't get enough of the dark meat on offer and try to stuff as much into their stretched blow holes. Black Monster gives you some of the hottest interracial scenes between young twinks and enormous big black cocks - it's a given that these white boys will be sore tomorrow! Cast: Alexandro Marbena, Ethan White, Gareth Grant, Hector Agusti, Kris Blent, Noah Matous, Pinky, Shane Hirch, Tyler Dee, Will Sims