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Back To Barstow

Back To Barstow
Back To Barstow Titan Media
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Back To Barstow, director Joe Gage's follow-up to Mens Room: Bakersfield Station, strikes the same chord as that hit - and both are testaments to male lust in blue-collar America. Wife beater shirts and tank tops, bottled beer and black-eyes, tattoos and trailer parks, all set the stage perfectly. Plot wise, the return of Mike Bailey (Joey Russo) is big news to childhood friend Troy Banner. As Russo drives toward town, Banner exchanges bedroom eyes with Marc Sterling. Meanwhile, Tyler Boots arrives at the trailer of his female fuck-buddy, interrupting Fyerfli's jack session. Gage torments viewers with the slow-building action, bringing up their boners but making them wait. He is a master tease, and the experience is a rare one in gay porn today. Very few directors can get a rise out of viewers without any hardcore action-it's this heat of anticipation that Gage knows so well. The first scene settles on Fyerfli's attempt to get the horned Boots to relax, check out a girly magazine and stroke on the couch. Burly, hairy, husky-voiced Boots takes swigs of his beer and finally can't hold his horniness in any longer. The dick comes out, the stroking starts, and Fyerfli soon joins in. Boots, acting disinterested, keeps his eyes on his magazine. It is a slow yet steady seduction, and just when you think things are going to explode, Gage makes you wait even longer. The shot where Boots stands up to take off his jeans, his huge hard-on right in front of Fyerfli's face, is at once beautiful and tormenting, because he sits back down again. Before things are finished, though, these two will have sucked and fucked the hell out of each other in this lengthy tango. Another hot scene follows: a romantic bedroom encounter between Sterling and Banner. Watch as Banner sucks Sterling, pushing down his own cock and letting it bounce up, the pre-cum glistening on his stomach. Banner really shines in this feature, and his perfect cock is hard as granite as he sits on Sterling, one of countless amazing shots Barstow offers. And the supercharged eight-man finale is a perfect climax to this movie. Gage is able to combine twinks, bears, and everything in between in this sequence, which is ignited by the presence of Russo whose dick is never soft. Cast: Diego De La Hoya, Joe Sarge, Joey Russo, Marc Sterling, Randy Eliot, Sebastian Tauza, Todd Maxwell, Troy Banner