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Auditions 41: Rock Hard

Auditions 41: Rock Hard
Auditions 41 Rock Hard Lucas Entertainment
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In Michael Lucas' Auditions 41: Rock Hard, the sex-crazed men waste no time getting rock-hard and opens with two of the sexiest guys to grace the cameras of Lucas Entertainment in a long time - mocha hunk Colin Black and blond bombshell Chris Daniels. It doesn't take long for Colin to ditch his clothes and show his rock-hard erection to Chris, who gets on his knees and takes all of Colin's black cock down his throat. But both of the boys love ass-play, so they take their time exchanging deep and wet rim jobs; Colin and Chris enjoy every second of the action as they bury their tongues deep inside of each other's puckered holes. When Colin can't handle it anymore, Chris sits down on his cock, grabs onto Colin, and rides him ravenously. Colin's dick digs deep into Chris, who moans in heat until they both climax! The burly top-king Arpad Miklos says with whimsy that it was love at first sight when he met Jessie Colter and, flipping the lusty bottom over, eats out his ass, causing Jessie to moan and grind his face into the bed. It's intense rimming, and when Arpad takes off his white briefs, Jessie preps him with a blowjob before the deep penetration begins. Arpad is an unstoppable force as he plows Jessie, who totally submits to his master. Arpad even switches between his cock and a dildo replicated after his own member! As Arpad is digging into Jessie deep, the bottom cums, and soon after Arpad unloads into Jessie's mouth! Jake and Hot Rod unleash their lips and tongues on each other - it's intense kissing and licking that quickly transforms into deep, swallowing oral sex. Hot Rod is packing a massive piece of black meat, and Jake is up to the challenge of swallowing every inch. They begin a 69 session where they explore each other's tight anuses, but Jake can't resist from swallowing Hot Rod's dick once again. The scene turns mind-blowing when Jake sheathes Hot Rod's member with a condom and sits right on the black sex-pot's lap: this is deep, passionate fucking if ever there was any. Newcomer Rick Mathias is introduced to black bombshell, Ace Rockwood. From the beginning, Ace is a passionate and controlling top, taking charge of Rick with deep kissing and gruff groping. While Rick is still lounging on the bed, Ace stands up before him and pulls down his pants, revealing the fat outline of his hard cock through his tight briefs. Rick can't resist running his lips along the piece of hidden meat. Not looking to waste time, Ace pops his erection out, and the flopping piece of meat quickly vanishes down Rick's throat. Ace is soon lathering up his Rick's ass with a tongue-fucking before slipping on a condom and plunging into his naive bottom. Ace takes every opportunity to dig and drill his pecker deep inside of his boy-toy. The scene explodes with white ecstasy - and Rick licks it all up! Get ready for intense and masculine fucking action as the men get horned up and Rock Hard! Cast: Arpad Miklos, Jessie Colter, Colin Black, Chris Daniels, Jake Steel, Hot Rod, Rick Mathias, Ace Rockwood, Dominic Pacifico, Shay