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Aftershock Part 2

Aftershock Part 2
Aftershock Part 2 Falcon Mustang
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Picking up pretty much where Part 1 ended, Aftershock Part 2 (Mustang Pac 68) continues the snorting piggishness, upping the ante more and more with each successive sequence. Few fuck flicks can boast such a squealingly hot assembly of piggies as the twenty-two highly tasty and happily trashy muscle hunks on parade here. Whether it's a writhing line-up of college-age hunks pleasuring themselves with forearm-size dildos or the sight of mature beef daddy Tom Chase giving an undulated penetration to Carlos Morales, there's plenty of O-ring-stretching action to be found right away, and wads of gushed man chowder, some of which gets slurped back up. As for the rest, imagine horny man pigs strapped into swinging slings, wearing chain vests and leather chaps and sweating enough perspiration and spurting enough pearl jam to quench their combined thirst. And not just three or four at a time but, ultimately, a staggering ten in a glorious climactic leather-and-boots orgy that takes place within the four chambers of a glory box. There's lip-licious Matthew Rush, introduced in leather while smoking a phallic stogie. There's lean stud pup Chad Hunt, his huge eleven-incher blazing and prepared to piston-plow the undaunted bottom. And there's enough funky animal sex you can practically taste the lube and smell the sweaty leather. Even more so than in Aftershock - Part 1, this rough manly play is most definitely not for the squeamish or weak of sphincter. But, as they say: If you can't wallow in filth with the big pigs, stay in the sty and suckle a sow's swollen teat. Cast: Matthew Rush, Colton Ford, Tom Chase, Addison Scott, Chris Steele, Chad Hunt, Peter Raeg, Joe Foster, Blake Harper, Carlos Morales, Jerek, Antonio Majors, Lance Gear, Nino Bacci, Jim Slade, Jason Land, Jon Ashe, Bret Wolfe, Jake Marshall, Cody Wolff, Ben Archer, Rob Romoni