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Addicted To Friction

Addicted To Friction
Addicted To Friction Next Door Studios
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Austin Wilde has an Addiction To Friction - and it's going to cause some friction in your pants too! Austin has a problem with his faucet, and rather than mess with it himself, he's decided to call in a plumber. Hunter Vance is a pro with a wrench, but even he is impressed with Austin's ability to take care of some pipe. One pipe gets fixed and the other explodes. Tyler Ford is studying psychometrics, a phenomenon whereby an object's past, present and future can be told just by touch. Austin Wilde decides to test this theory by putting his own special objects in Tyler's hand. Austin Wilde gives Max Chandler his first massage, and makes sure to loosen some of those very hard to reach parts. Mix Austin, Paul Wagner and all-terrain vehicles into a photo shoot and the end result is one very hot and very sticky mess. Dylan Hauser joins roommates and teammates Austin and Jay Cloud after another soccer fiasco. Austin and Jay decide to show Dylan how much he sucks after another lost match. Let's just say that he sucks two big ones pretty well! Cast: Austin Wilde, Dylan Hauser, Hunter Vance, Jay Cloud, Max Chandler, Paul Wagner, Tyler Ford