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Specs Appeal 13

Specs Appeal 13
Specs Appeal 13 Kick Ass Pictures
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Entertaining little skits and lead-ins imbedded with light humour work perfectly to retain viewer interest in Specs Appeal 13 while jump-starting the libido. Trinity James is the first to impress as her superb acting ability, prior to doing Lee Stone, shines through. Very nice. She especially excels at dialogue and body language, but her vocabulary abruptly changed to monosyllable utterings and heavy breathing once Stone found safe passage to her ass. Sometimes grunts and groans are plenty! The old saying "Guys who make passes .." yada yada holds firm for all scenes. This is especially true of Cytherea, a bespectacled geek at a Trek convention who is hit upon by every guy wanting to beam aboard her rack. Correctly answering Trek trivia grants Talon temporary access and safe passage across the sexual neutral zone and a bouncing bed scene, with Cytheria riding, is reason enough to enlist in Starfleet Academy. She flies blind when shields drop and her glasses are coated with cum. For the record, we are not talking about a few drops; her specs are saturated. Live long and prosper, Cytherea. Trinity James, Roxy, and Holly Day also follow the fun plots, do the deed with gusto, and finalize their screen time with specs badly in need of a good washing. Lucky thing they don't wear contacts! Cast: Trinity James, Holly Day, Roxy Jezel, Cytherea, Lauren Phoenix, Lee Stone, Brian Surewood, Talon, Trevor Zen, Others