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Like Father Like Son: Britain's Hot Talent

Like Father Like Son: Britain's Hot Talent
Like Father Like Son: Britain's Hot Talent Ben Dover
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Jamie Dover is following in the family tradition of working with wood, but unlike grandpa Dover, Ben and Jamie get to make out with some of the hottest babes in the biz. Like Father Like Son: Britain's Hot Talent follows Ben training son Jamie in the art of fucking, licking, rimming, bumming and sucking with an array of buxom beauties who love both old and young cock. Fresh hot talent Melissa Love arrives a little nervous, but very excited in her little summer dress. She's never sampled an old cock before, but this little minx soon loses all her inhibitions - together with her dress and knickers. Beautiful black babe, 21 year old Shyann craves white father and son cock. She has a red streak in her hair and by the end of this awesome scene, two white streaks down her smiling ebony face. 23 year old Crystal from Kent lives in the same building Ben's band used to rehearse in in 1971. This young, innocent cutie proves to be anything but as she takes both young and old cock in every orifice. The old perv and his young protégé can't believe their luck when 18 year old foxy first timer Keira comes to their designated den of iniquity to entertain the dastardly duo. This cute little teeny gets the terrible twosome's cocks stiffer than a Saudi Arabian jail sentence. Watch filthy young sluts enjoying young and old cock together! Cast: Ben Dover, Jamie Dover, Melissa Love, Shyann, Crystal, Keira