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End Games

End Games
End Games! Ben Dover
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In End Games! from 2001, Ben Dover and Pascal first meet a Belgian girl, Anne, at the Brussels Sex Festival. She wants to have a go at a porn video and they agree to oblige her next day. She arrives at the house where they are staying to find Pascal and Marino naked by the pool, and is so eager to get down to it that she sheds her clothes as she walks towards them. This great scene includes anal in various positions, cock and two-finger double penetrations and facials. Then Ben, Pascal and Marino meet Sonia (Amira Love) at Carshalton railway station in Marino's people carrier. Sonia is a slim brunette, a friend of Rebekah Jordan's, and she wants to learn the ropes. She is bursting for a pee, but Ben will not let her out so she wets her knickers in the car. Ben and Pascal get blowjobs before they arrive at the house. There she finishes off her pee in the toilet and the sex begins with a threeway blowjob and some mild CP with a riding crop. Then they go through the whole gamut of positions and orifices - reverse cowgirl double pussy penetration, anal fingering, anal, ass to mouth, cowgirl double penetration and three facials, some of which is swallowed. Wow! Hannah Harper and Laura Biggs dance around in a bedroom before the naked Pascal and second stud are brought in. The girls strip for a little lesbian action before the men go down on them, followed by fucking, and anal side by side on the bed. The girls share a spray facial from Ben, then Hannah takes a facial and dribbles it into Laura's mouth. The third facial is shared and Laura blows bubbles with the cum! For the finale, Marino and Pascal arrive at Ben's studio where he introduces them to Rebecca Lee. She lap dances for Pascal and Marino and they get down to some vigorous sex that includes a double penetration. The cumshots are directed into her gaping anus as she lies on her shoulders with her arse in the air. A super film in which every scene hits the bull's eye. All the girls perform with terrific enthusiasm and, as usual in these early Ben Dover films, everyone seems to have a great time. Cast: Amira Love (Sonia), Hannah Harper, Laura Biggs, Rebecca Lee, Anne