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Das Beste Aus Dickerchen 1 (4 Hours)

Das Beste Aus Dickerchen 1 (4 Hours)
Das Beste Aus Dickerchen 1 (4 Hours) Videorama
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All the best of big boobed babes devouring as much cock as they can get their hands (and tits) on in Das Beste Aus Dickerchen 1. This four hour epic comprises 13 scenes of wall to wall licking, sucking and fucking. It all begins with a husband persuading his stacked wife to stop doing the cleaning and let him clean out her holes. It doesn't take too much persuading and she is soon on all fours having her pussy banged. The tables are turned next when a busty babes tries to seduce her tired lover, but he doesn't want to know because he's had a hard day, but as she strokes his thigh, she tells him that the best cure for exhaustion is a good fuck - and it's not long before the bulge in his jeans lets her know that he'll soon be in her mouth and between her thighs. An extremely well-stacked blonde lets her stud massage and knead her ginormous tits. His hands seem miniscule against her massive mummeries and he takes his time as he licks and tweaks her nipples to erection. He can't wait to get his cock in her ample cleavage for a tit wank he'll never forget. Tired of her tits getting all the attention, this blonde is hungry for love and is soon straddling her lover's cock - feeling it fill her up and loving as he pumps and bangs until he can hold back no more. If you love rubenesque women with their ample curves and humongous tits, then look no further than this larger than life dvd!