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British Sluts Double Feature 3

British Sluts Double Feature 3
British Sluts Double Feature 3 Freddie
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Freddie is back, prowling the streets of a British town look for young stuff to fuck and film in British Sluts Double Feature 3, a double feature comprising Freddie's British Sluts 5 & 6. His first conquest in Freddie's British Sluts 5 is a beautiful blonde student called Laura, who is struggling to find a job to help pay for her seaside break. Freddie offers her some cash to pose for him, and maybe more. Freddie is woken up one morning in his hotel by a pretty young chambermaid who is curious about what all the camera equipment is for. She quickly finds out as Freddie bangs his cock into her sexy young body. Freddie and his mate give a lift to a young college student who agrees to pose for some photos. They persuade her to go further and Freddie fondles her and gets a quick blowjob before the girl gets cold feet and brings the scene to a premature end. Short of money, Freddie and his friend Paul agree to do a wedding video. The bride is a gorgeous smasher, but the groom turns out to be a vicar! Nevertheless, once they get the husband-to-be out of the way, the duo find the bride is more than willing to let the guys take care of her last night of freedom by fucking her senseless. Freddie takes his pick of some lovely young amateur English girls once more in Freddie's British Sluts 6. Jodie is out jogging when Freddie spots her. She is incredibly tiny and struggles to take Freddie's fat cock, but is soon doing her jogging on his dick. Sexy, young blonde Charmaine is a genuine first timer. She loses her mobile, and is desperate to replace it. Freddie's cameraman finds it, but why tell her when they can get a bloody good fucking out of her first? Finally, giggly blonde Jackie is shagged all over the house by randy old bastard Freddie. All the girls in this fine instalment are British, young and absolutely love being fucked senseless for Freddie's camcorder. True amateur British porn from a true Brit! Cast: Amber (as Jodie), Donna Ibbotson (Donna Marie, as Charmaine), Jacqui Duerden, Sandie Caine, Baby (Hayley Thompson), Danielle Louise Kelson, Laura Hermenson, Sheena McGrath