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Black Beauty 2: The Devil's Doorway

Black Beauty 2: The Devil's Doorway
Black Beauty 2 The Devil's Doorway Bluebird Films
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In Black Beauty 2: The Devil's Doorway, Jodie James reprises her role as Jodie Vincent, the deaf and dumb hooker who is still on the run because she believes she killed her former pimp in London. Jodie is still at the Ashby Stables in the country, but the stables are on the brink of being bought out and bulldozed over to make room for a new concrete jungle. Not that any of that matters really, because everyone seems to be calming their fears by fucking each other's brains out. Like the first installment, there aren't many horses being ridden here, but plenty of cocks instead. There is some good news however, as Jodie's cousin arrives to tell Ashby Stables owner Victoria (Kirstyn Halbourg) that Jodie is in the clear: The pimps not dead, but rather in jail. But Jodie doesn't get the news right away, as her cousin and boss proceed to celebrate by getting naked and bringing in a few well-hung young men. Not to worry, though, as Jodie tends to her own sexual needs in the stables with a trainer. Seven full sex scenes are featured in the second of three installments of this story, with plenty of positions and tons of hot action. There's even some spanking and foot jobs thrown in for good measure! Cast: Jodi James, Amy Anderssen, Brooke Jameson, Carolina De Lys, Kaia Kane, Kat Lee, Kirsten Halborg, Kit Lee, Romana Ryder, Valery Summer, Victoria Paris, Others