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Best Of Amateure 7 (4 Hours)

Best Of Amateure 7 (4 Hours)
Best Of Amateure 7 (4 Hours) Puaka Video
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Dirty amateurs serve up a hotbed of delights in Best Of Amateure 7. This four hour compilation has it all - an interracial pairing, group sex and tag-teaming spit-roasts. Watch as a chubby babe gets a round of three dicks stuck into every hole. Blindfolded, she can only feel and taste the cock that is offered up to her - her big round booty and massive tits undulate as balls bang against her flesh. This chunky chick even gets a double dildo penetration and a fist to the wrist before she is slathered in spunk. A slim brunette gets herself in the mood with a bit of self-pleasure. Dipping her fingers into her moist hole, she strums her bean before she engages not one, but two hard dicks. She opens up for her two studs and sucks cock whilst her pussy is eaten. It's a bit dark in the swingers club, but that doesn't stop this group of honed up amateurs going for gold. Action everywhere you look with a mature blonde taking a pummelling from behind whilst a stacked brunette gets a large dose of cock from a masked guy with a fat dick. These amateurs aren't picture perfect with stunning good looks and perfect tits, but each and every one of them knows how to fuck and how to drain a cock!