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Barefoot Confidential 26

Barefoot Confidential 26
Barefoot Confidential 26 Kick Ass Pictures
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Barefoot Confidential 26 is graced by the presence of that most goddess-like creature, Cytherea, who appears last ('cause can you follow her with anybody? Not on your life!). Boyfriend Julian comes home to discover she's just gotten the shit fucked out of her by his own brother, and as consolation she allows him to suck on her heavenly little tootsies while she recounts the bang session to him. In flashback, we see Julian (now playing the brother) ... well, fucking the shit out of her. While he's pounding her in a squatted position with her legs against his torso, she lets forth with her trademark spew of cum, but dagnabbit, we don't see it. (Julian sure does, though, as is obvious from the delighted grin that comes over his face.) He finishes off in doggie, leaving his ball brew on her upturned soles. Skipping back to the first vignette, Courtney Devine plays Lucifer, conniving Lee Stone into damnation by offering up her devilishly delicious peds for him to worship with his cock. And rounding things out, cute Vic Sinister wraps her feet 'round the schlong of Jay Ashley when he accuses her of cheating on him with the company mailboy. Cast: Cytherea, Vic Sinister, Courtney Devine, Julian, Lee Stone, Jay Ashley; Others (Non-Sex Roles)