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Barefoot Confidential 25

Barefoot Confidential 25
Barefoot Confidential 25 Kick Ass Pictures
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Barefoot Confidential 25 is entertaining and not repetitious. There is plenty to inspire the foot fan, but any student in general porn studies will be just as happy. Every vignette is different, and the sex is just as varied. Tony Tedeschi meets old classmate Lauren Phoenix at a pie-baking contest that Tony's wife has entered. Lauren tramples her prize pie with bare feet and forces the simpering Tony to lick off the excess. He cannot resist, and Lauren escalates the insults. She calls him a bitch and makes him lick her pussy before presenting her asshole to his tongue. She is very vocal, and Tony is very aroused by the time he prongs her bung. Then rolls are reversed and she tea bags his balls before an A2M and then milks his dick with her feet as he stands over her. We only see Brandon Iron's branding iron in his scene with petite Ann Harlow and her size 6 feet because the scene is shot from his POV. She looks up with her freckled face and asks, "Are you going to shoot your big load all over me?" Well, yeah, but not before she acts like a gymnast and sucks her toes and strokes his cock with the soles of her feet while in the doggie position. Alec Metro loses his promotion to an underachieving Lisa Marie and her size 8 1/2 feet. Accepting his status, he worships her feet by licking, sucking and smelling them. He gives her a five-toe BJ, and she tells him to, "Swallow it." He licks ass and pussy, and when he comes on her feet she wipes it off on his face and chest. Cast: Lauren Phoenix, Simone, Lisa Marie, Ann Harlow, Alec Metro, Tony Tedeschi, Brandon Iron, Barrett Blade