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Barefoot Confidential 24

Barefoot Confidential 24
Barefoot Confidential 24 Kick Ass Pictures
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Jeez. Where else but in a series like this will you see a sexy Brit like Angel Long tell a guy in a doctor's waiting room that she has gonorrhea - and that she will let him lick her toes if he first licks her pussy - and he does? He doesn't stop with carpet munching and also adds anal and A2M to his reason for future medication. Wacky time Part II. Domino plays a blind woman who eagerly does Bobby Vitale, who sizes her up, then portrays a faux pedicure provider. After plenty of tootsie-fondling and a quickie, he whacks off on her feet. One of the hottest scenes here is with Demi Marx, and this adorable shoe-in doesn't even get laid. That alone is an accomplishment, but she does this feat (pun intended) by a POV angle with Brandon Iron being the lucky recipient of a blowjob, dick-stroking with her feet, toe sucking, fingering, solo and an open-mouthed facial. Nice. Alexis Malone tops off this tape with the usual stuff, resulting in coating her feet in white stuff. While intended for foot fetish audiences, Barefoot Confidential 24 also fits well with anyone searching for other erotic experiences with young women. Cast: Angel Long, Alexis Malone, Demi Marx, Domino, Bobby Vitale, Brandon Iron, Trevor Zen, Others