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Barefoot Confidential 21

Barefoot Confidential 21
Barefoot Confidential 21 Kick Ass Pictures
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There ought to be a law to prevent Taylor Rain from jacking off Jonni Pharmicia with her toes on camera. No doubt her performance will cause men to burst into flames all over the country. She is so darned cute, her voice is so darned sweet and her toes are so darned perfect. Has she no sense of decency, no consideration of the consequences? How does she sleep at night, with the erotic immolation of so many guys on her conscience? And then she has to go and lick Pharmicia's cum off her feet. Again, there ought to be a law. Melanie Jagger turns in an equally scandalous performance in Barefoot Confidential 21. As a model posing for artist Robbie James, she immediately has James on his knees. He tries to draw her, but finds himself unworthy to capture such beauty. Instead, he worships her feet, sucks her toes and slams her shaven pussy with the drive of a true creative genius. For those who like a little humor with their fetish play, Alex Sanders does a fine comic turn as a shoe store clerk obsessed with size 8 feet. Practically bubbling over with excitement as Cindy Crawford slips out of her pumps, he licks, kisses and eventually splashes across her luscious digits. Magnifique! Cast: Cindy Crawford, Taylor Rain, Melanie Jagger, Athena, Alex Sanders, Jonni Pharmicia, Robbie James, Lee Stone