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Age Gap 3

Age Gap 3
Age Gap 3 Bizarre Brothers
English + Others
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Age Gap 3 is a must-have for lovers of younger/older lesbian antics. This terrific generation gap lesbian dvd contains five full scenes featuring pretty young babes caressing sagging tits and munching on old and hairy pussy that have definitely been round the block a few times! Old Vs Young sees the gorgeous Laura returning to her old school for a reunion. Dressed up to the nines, this babe is checking her outfit out in the mirror of the toilets when she hears movement in one of the cubicles. Opening the door she sees one of her old teachers (old being the operative word). Laura has always had a soft spot for this old spinster, so much so that she wants to take the taste test on some old pussy juice. Undressing, the two bodies are so different - Laura with her firm boobs, shaved pussy and petite figure and Chanel with her saggy tits, flabby belly and hairy well used cunt. Laura doesn't mind though and lets her old teacher lick her pussy and rim her tight arse. She'll get top marks for that! I'll Teach You Something sees a cheeky pupil trying to get to grips with the subject of maths. Her mature teacher isn't impressed when Nicol draws a dirty picture on the blackboard so she decides to educate her in different a way. The teacher soon has Nicol out of her uniform and sucks on her full bosom. Stripping off, Nicol tears into her professor's tights and buries her tongue and fingers in her juiced up pussy. Nicol then decides to teach the teacher by plowing her asshole with an oversized strap on - a surefire way of getting detention! Prison life isn't pleasant at the best of times, but when you've got an old bitch as your jailer you know you're in for a bad time! Thinking that she can take advantage of the situation, pretty Kate seduces the mature momma and, once she persuades her to open the cell door, Kate soon has her young lips wrapped around the sagging tits of her jailor. The prison guard is so turned on that she immediately strips and eats Kate's young pussy. Lubing up her night stick with spit, the guard spreads Kate's legs and fucks her young hole with the make-shift dildo! Time off for good behavior methinks! Two more granny on younger scenes unfold in Age Gap 3, each as tasty as the other with every pussy getting a thorough licking, finger probing and dildo dicking. These young girls and old hags are definitely into the carpet eating business! Cast: Chanel, Laura, Nicol Sweet, Judyt, Cynthia Moore, Kate, Betty Stylle, Kati Bell, Cindy Hope