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A Load In Every Hole 10

A Load In Every Hole 10
A Load In Every Hole 10 Kick Ass Pictures
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Three different girls each take on three guys at once in A Load In Every Hole 10. The girls get double penetrated, triple penetrated, double vag'd, and are basically stuffed airtight before receiving three internal pops. European flavour of the month, Melissa Lauren, spearheads this solid raunchfest with a performance that begs her male counterparts to give it to her harder and harder. They do. Melissa begins her scene with the Kick Ass trademark pre-scene interview (which intercuts Melissa's comments with those of the dudes with whom she'll be sharing the scene). Melissa is one wild broad and tells a story of a time she ended up at a guy's apartment where he stuck a piece of cold chicken in her butt and then fed it to her. Not on camera, unfortunately. During her scene, Melissa gets slapped, manhandled and then plugged with jizz. Sarah and Patricia are both raven-haired lookers who also get thoroughly triple penetrated and keep on ticking. Cast: Melissa Lauren, Sarah, Patricia, JPX, Neeo, Petr Majer, Rudy, Sebastian Barrio, Tristan Seagal, William