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A Load In Every Hole 01

A Load In Every Hole 01
A Load In Every Hole 01 Kick Ass Pictures
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Those dirty bastards! As slimy conniving bogus video producers looking to get laid, Brandon Iron, Brian Surewood and Frank Gun couldn't have done a better job even if originating at the proverbial bus station. In A Load In Every Hole 1, they make sleaze an art and stroke the female canvass with no holes unfilled. Melanie Jagger deserves the Deadpan Award for never once hinting at a smile despite the obvious innuendoes and excuses to get her naked, photographed, double penetrated, and gangbanged by these four studs in heat. When they pop in her pussy, ass and mouth with cum oozing out of every orifice, Jagger provides a priceless, suspicious frown as her response. The other gals who basically repeat this same routine, Ashley More, Mandy Bright, and Austin O'Riley aren't quite as serious. In fact, Bright is full of smiles - probably due to the fact that she speaks in halting English. Humour is rampant and one part, where the director (Surewood) uses an electric megaphone to amplify spread those legs wide and other instructions while pegging and getting blown by an eager Ashley More, is a classic. Cast: Mandy Bright, Austin O'Riley, Ashley Moore, Melanie Jagger, Barrett Blade, Brandon Iron, Brian Surewood, Frank Gun, Jay Ashley, Talon