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66 X Extrem (5 Hours)

66 X Extrem (5 Hours)
66 X Extrem Muschi Movies
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Everyone knows that the Germans push the limits of hardcore. 66 x Extreme gives you a five hour filthy collection with a myriad of scenes giving you a feast of horny sluts indulging their every whim and fantasy! A close-up of a creampied pussy opens proceedings, just before the slut lets it all go and wees it out all over the floor. More pussy close-ups follow with two gorgeous teens pissing into a plastic jug before indulging in a little dildo play. A vibrator up the arse gets one cutie so turned on that she feels the need to take a piss and lets loose a torrent of warm waste. A titty wank sees a cheerleader getting showered in man-piss that drips back on to the obliging cock, which she gladly licks and sucks off. A hard and fast fuck over an examination table sees a blonde nurse getting a full internal and a spunky facial from the horny doc. Two gal pals tease each other and take turns at quaffing the cock of a boyfriend. A randy chubster gets her plump pussy well and truly stuffed by a hung stud who finishes off with a load of spunk into her folds of flab, and a blindfolded babe is tied to a chair and abused with a latex dildo by her fat and naked gal-pal. Giving her enough slack, she lets her friend finish herself off whist she grabs another dildo to please herself. Warm piss specimens aren't making it to the lab for testing as thirsty doctors and nurses are only too happy to do their own taste test on litres of the warm liquid before deciding if it's worth sending for further examination. An ass fucking with the wrong end of a parasol is a complete turn-on for one dirty bird, and she gives great gapage as the condom clad pole is slowly removed from her back door. You'd never think that a small teen could take such a huge dildo up her tight pussy - but she does, and makes it look easy. As it intrudes into her tiny hole, it pushes on her bladder - and she can't help but to take a piss after each bout of thrusting. Its a piss-a-thon for one dirty group as they put on a show for a horny millionaire who just watches as the ladies pleasure themselves before squatting and dousing each other in lady-champagne! Dressed to kill in latex, a gorgeous blond gets the dicking of her life before letting her fuck partner spunk his seed all over her thigh length boots. There's only one way to celebrate a newly shaved pussy, and that's to take a piss all over the bed! Meanwhile, in the back room of a butcher shop two colleagues decide to clean down their cutting benches with a load of their own pee. Drinking it down, and getting another butcher to join in, it's awash with warm amber liquid at this abattoir. A tiny teen is persuaded to pee through her white panties, while a businessman gets off by pissing all over a cocked stud before watching his gorgeous nurse do the same and then fucking the spunk right out of him. With five hours of erotic, bizarre and extreme hardcore action, we're leaving the kink to the nationality that knows what kink truly requires!