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60+ Grandma On Grandma

60+ Grandma On Grandma
60+ Grandma On Grandma Evasive Angles
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If the Grandma's you all know and love are the cuddly type who bake cakes and are members of the Darby & Joan Club, well, it's all change in 60+ Grandma On Grandma - there is some wild sex going on here! These grannies don't sit at home stroking their pussies (the purring fluffy type), they prefer to stroke, finger and lick another old dear's pussy (the wet and jizzed up type). They need love - and you'd better believe they are still hungry for sex. All the ladies are over 60 years old with a few 70 year old grandmas thrown in just for fun. They still like to dress sexily, donning stocking or hold-ups and even though the body is sagging, their libido is at full pelt and they want their nipples sucked and their pussies eaten and beaten with a thick and meaty dong. A couple of them even go so far as to go cunt to cunt with a double ender - amazing viewing! 60+ Grandma On Grandma is two hours of gaudy grannies grinding their cracks into each other and experiencing that old familiar stirring. You have to check this one out! Cast: Dorothy, Inci, Kata, Katy, Kitty, Laura, Mammy, Noe, Renata, Sandra