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100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 2

100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 2
100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 2 Viv Thomas
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100% British Hardcore Fuckfest 2 has five beautifully shot scenes with no theming, just a lot of sex. Shot with a clarity that borders upon the clinical, the styling is always first rate, the women beautiful and the men always able to please. In the first scene, Tony Uttley is visiting Dr Summer after a road crash. He says he's fine, but Dr Summer wants a closer look at his tackle. Tony strips completely while Summer is fully dressed with a crisp white coat. Viv resists the temptation to have Summer wearing just the white coat, but has her in conservative blouse and sensible skirt. However, after Tony's examination, she has one herself, removing just her skirt and knickers to reveal black hold-ups and her pussy which Tony is instructed to lick. After the foreplay, the rest of Summer's clothes are removed and the pair move to the medical couch for sex. The action continues on the desk and ends with a facial. Ian Tate is a soldier back home after four years without sex (yeah, right). He and Teoni crash into the bedroom and quick as a flash Ian's stripped and begging for sex. Teoni slows him down as she allows him to slowly undress her while fingering her pussy and bum. There is a disconcerting jump cut to find Teoni completely naked and the sex action begins which includes anal in doggy and the scene ends with copious cum over her boobs. Bonnie Heart and Arran are having a snowball fight in the car park, then they slip into an adjacent industrial unit for sex. They both strip off and have sex using the chair, ladders and dustsheets on the floor. The sex includes anal and ends with a very discrete anal. Bonnie can look pale and stick thin, but here she looks great, getting a thorough shagging from Arran. Lyndsey and her boyfriend are playing scrabble, but start to argue about words. They give up the game and have sex instead, quite gentle and natural sex from two people who look like real-life partners. The scene ends with an impressive climax from the guy, who produces half a dozen spurts, of which only a couple hit Lyndsey's mouth, but she clearly swallows and enjoys the experience. Jamie Woods is a barmaid having trouble with a drunk customer. A fight breaks out and fellow drinker Guy chucks the other bloke out, so Jamie shows her appreciation in a predictable way. Guy strips off, while a fully clothed Jamie takes his whole cock in her mouth. The sex continues across the bar stools, tables and floor with a frenzy that Jamie brings to all her performances. Top marks to the production team for another well-shot and immaculately styled programme. Good hot sex shot in a very classy way. Cast: Bonnie Heart, Jamie Woods, Lyndsey, Summer, Teoni, Others